Symbol for Sicily


Trinacria means triangle and refers to the triangular shape of Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean.  The symbol is the head of Medusa, a gorgon with a head of snakes. The head of Medusa implies protection of the island by the goddess Athena, the patron goddess of Sicily.  The head is surrounded by three bent running legs, which represent the three capes of Sicily Peloro, Passero, and Lilibeo, which also create the three points of the triangle.  The three ears of wheat, also surrounding the head, represent the fertility of the Land, during the period of the Roman Empire; Sicily was the region that produced great quantities of grain.

Sicilian Mythology The Story of Colapesce

Colapesce was a boy from Messina who loved swimming in the water so much that he developed fish characteristics. He stays under water for long period of times without needing air.  King Frederick II was fascinated by the boy and would throw his possessions overboard and have the boy retrieve them. While searching for the Kings crown, Colapesce discovered the island of Sicily underwater and supported by three columns. One column was intact, the second was chipped and the third was crumbling. When the King asked the boy to find his ring, the boy asked for a handful of lentils. He told t he king if you see the lentils float, it will mean that I am not coming back. The king’s ring and lentils surfaced and it is said that Colapesce supports the third column on his shoulders. Sicilians claim that when an earthquake occurs, it is Colapesce getting tired.

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