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From a simple solder for a broken chain to supplying a new setting for your diamond, we provide master jeweler craftsmenship for your loved well worn items.  We are happy to restore your family heirlooms back to the natural beauty for you and the next generation to enjoy. Stop in or contact us to schedule an appointment.


From the beginning of our business on Jewelers Row, Sansom Street to the now vibrantly popular and ever growing neighborhood of East Passyunk Avenue, we have been offering custom made services over the past 36 years. We have had the honor of creating and producing many custom items including engagement and wedding bands.  We encourage our customers to bring your creativity and ideas and we can produce a finished product in any of the precious metals, by hand and or CAD/CAM services.
We gladly can repair and restore a family heirloom to its glory days.  Many times, a diamond ring in the family that is well worn, will serve as an engagement ring for a granddaughter.  Generally, the customer wants to keep the original style.  What may be needed is a new shank, new setting for the diamond, or new prongs, and at times smaller stones may need to replaced.  This process is carefully reviewed and the tasks are expertly performed to make the family cherished item looking new.

Also you can recycle your old and broken gold jewelry into a new item.  Contact us for information and requirements.

We offer expert repairs, mostly on our premises.  From replacing a watch battery or watchband, to repairing and replacing worn rivets on a favorite bracelet, we can do it all. Stop by or contact us about information regarding needed repairs.

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